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Mega Ford Weekend Show 'n' Shine
Sunday Only Sept. 9th 2012

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Official MFW Classes

Printable version available in July 2012.

All NHRA safety rules and MISSION RACEWAY track rules apply as per E.T. and MPH attained.


Vehicles in MEGA PRO are the fastest and quickest in competition at MEGA FORD WEEKEND race events. MEGA PRO provides the ultimate in Ford drag racing. MEGA PRO will run Heads Up using a pro 0.400 tree. All cars must run 7.50 or quicker.  MEGA PRO is open to all Ford bodied Doorslammers, Pro Mods, and Funny Cars.

Payouts - TBD


JPC Wild Street is a new Heads Up class using a Pro .400 tree. All vehicles must meet NHRA tech and safety requirements. All vehicles must have functioning lights/turn signals & brake lights. No tube chassis, back half or ladder bars permitted. No wheelie bars, mini wheel tubs only, stock type suspension only.


Tires: limited to a max of 10.5 W.


Body: All cars must be door cars, carbon fibre and fibreglass limited to hood and deck lid only. Must retain factory glass, Lexan permitted in side windows only. Doors must open from the outside and windows must be operational. Hood Required.


Interior: Must have functioning windows with finished doors. Must have two front seats or one bench seat. Rear seat deletes  O.K.


Transmission: any OEM automatic type. Gear change must be made by driver (no air shifters). Manual transmission O.K. Clutch automatic or planetary trans allowed in NA cars only.


Engine: Small block and Big Block permitted.


Power adders: Dual power adders on small blocks only. (Limited to supercharger/nitrous or T4 flange single turbo, 76 mm or smaller, and nitrous) Max 250 shot on dual power adders.

Boost controllers limited to turbo entries only. Twin Turbo's limited to 67 mm, single turbo's limited to 91 mm T4 flange and 88 mm large frame/mid frame. Big Blocks limited to single stage of Nitrous (250 shot max).

Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Turbo’s may be measured to confirm sizing.

Centrifugal blowers limited to F1a, X-trim, Novi 2500 or similar in HP rating.


Permitted Fuel: Gasoline Only


Absolutely no Tow Backs allowed and all Bye Runs must be completed.

Payouts - $2000.00 To Win $1000.00 R/U $500.00 Semi $500.00 Semi $100.00 Fastest Ford Power $100.00 Biggest Burn Out $100.00 Best Reaction Time $200.00 Hard Luck Award



Super Street is the second new class this year.  This is a Heads Up class running on a 10.50 index using a Pro .400 tree.  No electronics allowed (transbrake and two step permitted)  Quick Street rules apply. (slicks, open exhaust will be allowed).  All vehicles must run plates or permits (may be some exeptions made at MFW discretion).

Payouts - Win is $500, R/U is $250, and Semis is $125



QUICK STREET is also new for 2012.  All True Street Rules are in effect.  Quick Street is a Heads Up 11.50 Index using a pro .400 tree.  Front suspension, after market K member and tubular control arms permitted.  After market struts and shocks permitted provided they use stock attachment points.  Clutchless transmissions prohibited.  Rear end must be factory type.  Aftermarket axles etc. O.K. Bolt in rear suspension components permitted - must retain stock mounting points.

Payouts - Win is $500, R/U is $250, and Semis is $125



TRUE STREET  is the final new class for 2012.  TRUE STREET is a heads up street legal class with no eliminations using a Pro .400 tree.  All cars must be plated or permitted and must be able to show proof of registration if asked.  No electronics allowed (two steps permitted).  Line Lock permitted.  Minor suspension modification ok. Mini-tubes permitted (no tube chassis, wheel tubes, four links or wheelie bars).  Must run full exhaust (no glass packs or straight through mufflers allowed).  All tires must be D.O.T. approved (no slicks allowed).  All cars must run full interior and have functioning brake, horn, wipers, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and taillights.  All windows must be functional (no Lexan permitted).  No race cars allowed.

Payouts - TBD



PRO COMP class is an 11.99 or quicker Ford bodied or powered bracket class. Open wheel vehicles (i.e. dragsters, Roadsters, altereds etc.) allowed. Full body "Door Slammers" may run non- Ford power but must run with a hood. Any power adder permitted. All types of NHRA accepted electronics are permitted.

Payouts - Win is $250, R/U is $125, and Semis is $75



OPEN COMP is open to Ford bodied cars only.  Any make engine permitted.  OPEN COMP is a ET handicapped start using a sportsman tree .500. No electronics allowed (transbrake and two steps permitted)

Payouts - Win is $500, R/U is $250, and Semis is $125



TRUCK & LIGHTNING class is designed for any year and model Ford trucks including vans, Rancheros, SUV's including Explorers, Expeditions, Excursions etc. The Truck & Lightning class will run on an ET handicapped start using a Sportsman-Tree .500.  Slicks permitted.

Payouts - Win is $250, R/U is $125, and Semis is $75



Nostalgia Stock - limited to cars that run 10.75 - 12.25 seconds. 

Nostalgia Super Stock - limited to cars that run faster than 10.75 seconds.

(Subject to change dependent on entries.)

Restricted to sixties vintage full body race cars. Some exceptions may be made by MFW executives (70 - 72). All cars must run same manufacturers engine. Engines do not have to be year specific. Cars may have graphics that are nostalgia specific for sixties vintage race cars. The graphics may also include a car name unique to that car.

All cars must appear to be period correct. If your vehicle is not a FORD it must be pre-approved or invited by the Mega Ford NSS committee.

No tube chassis cars, back half OK.
No power enhancers.
Mechanical fuel injection OK.
Carburetor and ignition system are unlimited.

No nitrous.

No driving aid electronics (crossover, delay boxes). Trans brake permitted. No throttle control devices. Solid throttle stop OK.

NSS payouts

Winner - $1,000
R/U - $500
Semi- $250

NS payouts

Winner - $500

R/U - $250

Semi - $125

Contact Dale for more info or to inquire about your cars suitability for NSS or NS.



Saturday only approx. 2 P.M. start.

Open to all FE powered vehicles.

Vehicles must already be entered for the event.

All participants must register before noon.

Delay boxes and crossovers prohibited.

Two steps and trans brake allowed.

Winner: $1,000

R/U: $500

Semi's: $250

Payouts based on 16 cars or more entering.

Cash Bash

Saturday only time permitting.

$TBD per car.


* MFW Classes are tentative are subject to change. All payouts based on

number of entries.